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Ellen McKenney, Sales Engineering Manager

Ellen McKenney

Ellen McKenney has a demonstrated history of working in the software industry. She started her career at Informatica as a sales and consulting professional with experience in data management, data transformation and data storage. In her current role at MariaDB, she's a Sales Engineer focused on the cloud and emerging markets, and serves as a direct line to clients' wants and needs. She is also an advocate internally and externally by being the proverbial squeaky wheel.

Andrew Oliver, Senior Director, Product Marketing

Andy Oliver

Andrew C. Oliver is the Senior Director of Product Marketing for MariaDB. He is a prolific writer about technology — particularly open source and distributed database technologies. In the past, he served on the board of the Open Source Initiative, founded Apache POI, and was an early part of JBoss, Inc. before its acquisition by Red Hat.

Robbie Mihalyi, Senior Vice President, Engineering

Robbie Mihalyi

Robbie Mihalyi brings over thirty years of core software development experience in building RDBMS products as well as building and deploying SaaS applications. Robbie served 10 years as the key engineer on the database engine at Sybase, later becoming the director of SQL Server. As engineering VP at Marketo and MarketLive, Robbie implemented agile processes and practices, significantly improving concept-to-market deployment. More recently, he was VP of engineering at Clustrix (acquired by MariaDB Corporation), bringing to market a highly scalable, commercial-grade distributed RDBMS product. He is now SVP of engineering at MariaDB Corporation overseeing technology development for analytics and distributed systems as well as MariaDB’s database-as-a-service (DBaaS), SkySQL.

Matt Asay, Cloud and Open Source Executive, Amazon Web Services

Matt Asay is a Principal at Amazon Web Services. Formerly, Asay was Head of Developer Ecosystem for Adobe. Prior to Adobe, Asay held a range of roles at open source companies: VP of business development, marketing, and community at MongoDB; VP of business development at real-time analytics company Nodeable (acquired by Appcelerator); VP of business development and interim CEO at mobile HTML5 start-up Strobe (acquired by Facebook); COO at Canonical, the Ubuntu Linux company; and head of the Americas at Alfresco, a content management startup. Asay is an emeritus board member of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and holds a J.D. from Stanford, where he focused on open source and other IP licensing issues.

Patrick Bossman, Product Manager, MariaDB Xpand

Patrick Bossman

Patrick has almost 30 years of experience with relational databases, initially as an application developer, DBA, and query tuner, then as a query optimizer developer, and database tooling solution architect. Patrick relies on his experience in his current role as MariaDB Xpand Product Manager to work with customers as well as MariaDB development, support, marketing, and sales to facilitate the development, delivery, and support of MariaDB Xpand.

Rick Vasquez, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Western Digital

Rick is a hands-on technical practitioner with real world experience in some of the largest open source database deployments in the world. Translating technical and business requirements to the relevant groups is his passion.

Rick Greaves, SaaS Solutions Architect, Google

Born in the data center, raised in the cloud, Rick is a technical cloud solutions expert. He has been working closely with partners to develop large, scalable solutions to real world problems, specializing in kubernetes and application modernization best practices at scale.

Hal Berenson, Board Member, MariaDB

Hal Berenson

Hal Berenson currently serves as a board member for MariaDB Corporation. In his 50 years in the industry, Hal worked in many areas of commercial computing and is best known for leadership roles in the development of database technology, including Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Microsoft SQL Server, DEC (now Oracle) Rdb, and DEC DBMS-10/20. He was most recently a founder of autonomous development company Gaia Platform LLC. Prior to founding Gaia Platform, Hal was Vice President of Relational Database Services (RDS) at Amazon Web Services (AWS), a Distinguished Engineer and General Manager at Microsoft Corporation, and a Senior Consulting Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation. Between stints at Microsoft, Hal co-founded and served as President of Cloud startup PredictableIT, LLC. During failed attempts to retire, Hal provides technology and management consulting through True Mountain Group, LLC.

Steve Hetzel, Principal Director, Cloud Engineering, Nuvalence

Steve has been in the technology industry for 15 years - where he’s had the opportunity to work for companies such as Disney, Samsung, Expedia and Google. Steve built his career with deep technical, hands-on experience in data engineering - working with platforms such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc. Designing, building, and implementing scalable and performant transactional databases and enterprise data warehouses with applications systems has always been a passion. As his career progressed, -he extended this knowledge laterally by focusing on integrating data platforms with DevOps methodologies, automation, containerization (Kubernetes), and cloud platforms (AWS and GCP).

As a technical leader at Nuvalence, Steve is focused on leading project teams, architecting scalable cloud application/data platforms, and evangelizing cloud native development and operational best practices.

Gabriela Ferrara, Developer Advocate, Google

Gabi is a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud and a passionate Software Engineer. She likes simplifying complex systems, and believes abstractions are best when they can be understood in a real life example. She’s driven to go beyond DBA lingo to make database and storage technology more accessible to software developers.